How To Buy A House With No Money

How To Buy A House With No Money… Is This Even Possible?

As a matter of fact, it is!

My name is Nathan Soliday and I have been in the Southern Indiana / Kentuckiana Mortgage and real estate industries for the past 24 years. Throughout the years we have helped hundreds of clients buy a house with no money!  

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This may sound hard to believe, but there are a few different loan programs available to us that may allow you to get preapproved for a home, write an offer on a home that you like, and go the closing table with nothing but your ID and a blue ink pen and walk away with the keys to your new home!

Recently, we had the privilege to help a couple that had been renting a mobile home for the past 7 years buy a home for $198,000 in Washington County and they were able to do so without bringing a check to closing. Keep in mind, every situation is different but this is possible.

One way this is possible is that with working with the right real estate agent, you may be able to negotiate with the seller of a home to pay ALL of your closing costs. When you combine this with using one of our No Money Down Home loan products you can accomplish this goal of buying a house with no money.

Is this common?

Good question, it isn’t uncommon. But, on average many of our clients do end up bringing a few hundred dollars to closing. So, even if you aren’t able to technically walk in buy with no money, it may still be possible to buy a house… of your own… for the out of pocket cost of 1 months rent.

But, how do you get started? How can you learn how to buy a house with no money?

This is where I come in. I am a licensed mortgage lender and a licensed real estate agent and I am ready to help you reach your home buying goals that you have for this year. The first step is to take our simple home buyer quiz to see if you can qualify.

From there, I will reach out to you and we can discuss what options may be available for you and your budget.

The 3 main things that we look at when determining if you can qualify for a home loan is:

-Have you been employed or in school for the past 2 years?

-Are you a full time employee?

-Do you have a credit score over 600?

If you can answer YES to all of these questions you will have a good start to getting qualified to buy a home.

Once you are qualified, we can help you with your home search. As a member of 2 different MLS services in Southern Indiana and a large social media presence, we have the tools available to help you find the perfect house, for the perfect price, with the perfect down payment option for you.

Get started today by taking our Home Buyer Quiz here

Here is a house that we currently have for sale that can be purchased for $244,900 and this may be the house that you can literally arrive at the title company to sign your documents and need no money out of your pocket. You can see some more photos here, let me know if you would like more details on it or if you would like to take a look at it. 

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